Lose 2-3 Inches from Your Belly in Less Than 1 Month

Lose 2-3 Inches from Your Belly in Less Than 1 Month

Can you really get a flat belly without hard exercise and eating like a health nut?

Jennifer Jolan, best-selling author and America’s Weight Loss Queen proves you can in her new book, The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret.

And, believe it or not… you can do it in just 5 seconds per day!

The secret science (used for thousands of years) makes this possible. And many women have lost as much as 2-3 inches of belly fat in one month or less following these ancient secrets hardly anyone in the diet or “fitness” industry knows about today.

It’s short and to the point. No fluff. No mindless filler like many weight loss books.

In fact, you can read this book in less than 15 minutes, apply the secrets right away, and literally see results in the mirror in as little as 72-96 hours.

Just a few of the tips she reveals:

Bottom line?

The secrets in The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret are thousands of years old.

You don’t have to change the way you eat or do any hard exercise.

Simply follow Jennifer’s simple, “plain English” instructions a few minutes a day, and feel your pants loosen almost immediately!

Bonus Book #1 (Included in the same file as 5-Second Flat Belly):

If you purchase “The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret” today, you also get FREE Jennifer Jolan’s best-selling book:

“15-Second Diet Tricks: Turn Bad Meals into ‘Weight Loss Meals Instantly!”

This best-selling book shows you a secret way of turning any “bad meals” you eat into food that speeds weight loss. And before you ask, these diet “tricks” are backed by hard science-yet hardly anyone has heard of them.

Best part:

This bonus book is also short-for busy women on the go.

No tedious, no lectures on how to eat good (this is for women who like to eat BAD foods like cheeseburgers!), no wasting time with fluff.

It’s free with “The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret” today.

(SPECIAL 2nd BONUS BOOK. As part of a limited time “Publisher’s Special Offer” promotion, you can also receive Jennifer Jolan’s best-selling book How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle Like Kids. Over 90,000 people have already read it and it sells for $19.95 on Amazon, but you can get it FREE with the purchase of The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret today… This bonus book is a pdf link and the link to get it is on the last page of The 5-Second Flat Belly file.)

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TZ says:

Short read, 4 major tips, good information I bought this about a week ago and it took me about 10 minutes to read and it contains 4 major tips for flattening and sculpting your waistline.It gets right into the tips. Only 1 of the tips I was familiar with and the other 3 were new to me.The first tip is the one she focuses on and gets the best results. So far in less than a week, I’ve noticed a definite toning and tightening of my waist area using 3 of the 4 tips as outlined for about 5 or so minutes a day.I’d give this 5 stars based on the information alone since it’s not general knowledge stuff most people know, but I’d also give it 3 stars because I thought it would be longer. It’s more of a short report and definitely not a normal book. So I ended up with 4 stars.If you just want good specialized information that’s quick to read and seems to get results that take effect rather soon (less than week for me), then you should get it.If however you’re expectations for $2.99 is that you require a bulk general knowledge book with a lot of information but nothing necessarily that will actually help you reduce your waistline, then you shouldn’t get this.Also, for $2.99 you have to consider that you’re also getting that $20 How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle Like Kids ebook for free too. If you type in the title on Amazon, you’ll see it sells for $20.So for the low price, the results I’m getting already, and the free ebook I also get, I feel this is well worth my money.

B. Smythe says:

I lost 1 inch in less than a week already This is some great information. I already lost 1 inch and it hasn’t even been a week.I’ve been using the first exercise, if you can even call it an exercise, for 5 minutes a day to lose the 1 inch. There’s no equipment needed, you can do it anywhere, and you won’t sweat.Not sweating and being able to do this at home and for only 5 minutes is what I really like about this.Go buy this and don’t be put off by how short it is. It’ll take you less than 15 minutes to read, but the only thing I care about is results and I’m getting those. That’s all that matters.I’m starting to like these short ebooks over the typical long and boring weight loss books I have to sift through just to get a few great tips I didn’t previously know about.I literally learned something new on the very first page of this ebook.

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